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you're not alone

Whether you've been on your health journey for months or decades, Tiana will help you take the next step


christina did

Tiana is quite simply, the best!  I’ve worked with others in the past but her way of helping me set realistic goals keeps me invested as a client. I’ve attained goals I had previously not known were possible. I look forward to each check in with her. I can’t wait to see what more we can accomplish as a team!



jameela is

I worked with Tiana for about a year before I got pregnant. I learned so much while working with her. Here I am 32 weeks pregnant and to be honest it has not been easy. But it's been so important to have a good relationship with food and my body.

I am grateful to be able to confidently change my goals based on what my body needs and to feel good about my body wherever it is at the moment. No need to worry about 'getting my body back' it never left! My body & goals have changed, are changing and will change again!




jordan isn't

After working with Tiana for 4 months, I finally care about the things that matter like strength, energy, and recovery. I am no longer afraid of what will happen if I eat more food. I'm feeling my best while getting yolked AF and enjoying my life how it's meant to be enjoyed.



deseree had

6 months flew by!! When have you heard that when someone is discussing diet/fitness/weight loss?! I hadn't. I've never stuck with anything so long and I've tried everything! This time it was different, this time I've been eating! Who would've thought!? Slowly I've been making changes in my relationship with food, eating MORE.


Realizing there aren't good foods vs bad foods. Incorporating movement in ways that I enjoy, making a decision to move my body instead of punishing it. Tiana is a treasure! She is knowledgeable and sweet and I couldn't have done it without her guidance! So much left to learn, I can't wait for the next 6 months!



alyson had

I started working with Tiana in Feb 2019, I had plateaued in my fitness journey, and was having some other health issues. I found her as I was seeking someone who understood women's bodies. I wanted serious nutrition help.


What I have loved most about working with Tiana is her approach. She has never made me feel guilty, she has never villainized any foods and we spend a solid amount of time on mental health. What I appreciate most is we have worked through the "whys" of my behaviors with food and exercise. I have learned so much from her. I don't do well with anyone just telling me what to do, I want to know the “why” behind it. Everything we do, I can ask questions, no matter how silly they may be, and she explains it all.

When we started working together we had one set of goals, had seen positive results towards them, then I found out I was pregnant. We tailored my goals for a healthy pregnancy and I couldn't have been happier with how things went. I am 10 months postpartum and starting to work on new goals. Tiana didn't rush me to start tracking my food and exercise post baby. She has let me take the lead on when I felt ready to start putting in work again. Tiana has been a beacon of knowledge and truth in health and fitness, and I am so happy I have her in my corner.



coach gwen did

Tiana helped me in ways I didn't even know I needed help!

I'm a nutrition coach and have been for the past four years, and I have helped hundreds of clients reach their weight loss and health goals. When it came to me getting help, I needed to call in a professional. I wasn't getting results on my own.


I had been following Tiana on Instagram for several months, and I knew she would be the person to call. I admire her honesty and vulnerability because she shared all parts of her journey; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I knew she wouldn't judge me and that she would be able to help me. I trusted her only by following her on Instagram!

In July 2020, I hired Tiana. We started with the familiar tools to get started, but she also helped me realize what was getting in my way. She helped me uncover my stumbling blocks but did it with empathy, humor, and kindness. I didn't know I needed to be heard and seen the same way I wanted to be there for my clients. I, too, need to take care of myself the best way I can every day.


Tiana helped me realize that I deserve to feel better, too. I have to take care of myself to be there for others and enjoy life more. If I am the best version of myself, I will bring my best to the world. I recommend hiring Tiana if you are struggling with your weight or your confidence in your body. She will be your biggest advocate, and she is a master of problem-solving to get you results.


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