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I have worked with hundreds of 1:1 clients over the years and have continuously invested back in improving my skills as a coach. My process has evolved, but my core value has remained the same: listen to and work WITH the person in front of me.


The nutrition industry is full of quick fixes and shortcuts… you won’t find any of that here. We understand that the shortcut is found in committing to the long game and investing time and effort in understanding what works for you.

 I am most passionate about educating you about how your current behaviors/lifestyle habits might be contributing to your current reality.


I am not in the business of changing people’s behavior. I am in the business of helping you critically think about how the habits you have been practicing are contributing to your current results—and then helping you pivot to take actions that are more aligned with the results you want.

You are not broken.
Your metabolism is not broken.

We are all unique—with unique lifestyles, personal histories, training histories, stressors, careers, habits, goals, etc.

All of those components influence how you manage your nutrition choices in the short and long term.

a few fun facts about tiana

Tiana is very introverted and loves to spend quiet time in the sun by the pool or on the beach.

Tiana raced in FIVE 50k trail races during 2016 and placed 3rd female in four of the five races!

The one and only time Tiana has been skydiving was in Moab, Utah over Monument Valley. IT WAS AMAZING!!

 In 2015, Tiana completed the Tour Divide, a 2740+ mile race along the Great Divide from Banff, Canada to the Mexico border—ALL BY HERSELF. She completed the race in 30 days, averaging around 90 miles of biking each day.

Tiana loves seafood and regularly makes ceviche with different types of fish from the local seafood market where she lives in Key West, FL.

Tiana has a diverse athletic background from collegiate soccer, to marathon/ ultramarathon running, to rock climbing, to CrossFit, to olympic weightlifting, and now she's found her heart in bodybuilding.

what clients are saying

We've been working together for almost 1 year and 5 months and it has been an amazing journey. I’ve learned to love and accept my body in all of its stages. I've learned to nourish and fuel my body correctly while enjoying life (and food. Thank you for helping me find the freedom I was searching for so long! Excited to see what our next months of work will bring and how my body will respond.


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